They need 100,000 active installations. Let’s give them 100,000 installations.

Project Gutenberg needs our help. 100,000 active installations worth of help. Right now there are 1,000+ active installations. So, dear fellow theme and plugin author, I think we can do something about that. Here’s my plan.

If you sell WordPress-related products / services and have a newsletter form available on your website, I’m probably a subscriber of yours. If your claims about the number of subscribers are valid, then we are talking about 1,000,000 email subscribers combined. Well, let’s put these mailing lists in good use, shall we?

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Dear theme author, we need to talk

Dear fellow theme author,

How is it going? Pretty bad eh? The market is sinking / shrinking I hear you say.

This is Gerasimos by the way, theme designer / co-founder around here. There’s a 100% chance you don’t know me. You know what though? I’ve kept quiet since February 2012. This is when my small team and I released our first premium WordPress theme. Damn, it feels like yesterday. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that I don’t keep an eye on everything related to our market. Blogs, podcasts, Slack channels, core meetings. Yes, I’m there. Always. Quietly reading / watching and taking notes. When it comes to the local (Greek) WordPress community I’m not so quiet though. For now, my presentations in WordCamps, meet-ups and workshops is my way of showing my gratitude to the WordPress project.

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Is it worth it?

Lately I’ve been stumbling upon a lot of discussion about the premium WordPress themes market. Is it worth trying to sell WordPress themes?

TL;DR Yes, definitely. It’s not 2009 though. It’s harder to claim a spot in this market but I think there’s still room for great themes out there. Competition is fierce. Most importantly, it totally depends on you.

Is it worth it? What’s the market size? Is the market crowded? Saturated? Do we need more themes? What kind of themes? Can I make a living out of it? Is there a theme (or 10) for every possible niche out there? Should I just give it a try?

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